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Rebecca Spencer - Still, Still, Still

   We invite you into a panoramic landscape of timeless hymns and classic melodies that celebrate the spirit of the Christmas season! Each through-composed arrangement was conceived as a tone poem, and when expressed through meditations shared between both the voice and piano, in harmony with the cello and soprano saxophone, our listen unfolds as an intimate chamber piece.

   Collectively, we have reimagined the music and the lyrics that have for centuries celebrated the origin of Christmas, lifting a joyful noise, from Christmas Eve worship services to traditional caroling, dating from the early 19th Century to the 21st, resounding in a cathedral soundscape.

Of course, Christmas is only one of the many religious holidays observed around the world, and I was brought up to respect all of Mankind; to understand that there is a common spirituality, and that there is something greater than any one of Us.

As a special gift, and with gratitude, we offer a universal blessing featuring the premiere recording of Peace for Christmas Time This Year, written and composed by Keith Thompson.

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