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Mary Bogue - Blue Smoke

   Making music sounds easy, but it is a magical process-where decades of keen musicianship dreamily manifest with the writers inspired thoughts, the brilliance of the arranger, and the unmistakable heart of the singer whose instrument is honed in the fires of life experiences. Together they form the perfect union to tell a story in their collective voices, all mastered by a sound engineer who blends the collaboration with a warm resonance that reverberates in the hearts of the listeners.
   Steve Rawlins (Living Jazz Legend) is more than my remarkable producer, arranger, pianist and an incredible friend who who always has my back. Add composer to the list of accolades. "Blue Smoke" was a wonderful collaboration between him and my dear, sweet friend Tom Culver who also gave me "Endlessly" to bring to life. Thank you. You lift me up and keep me floating on ethereal plumes of smoke, blue smoke.
   All my love also to Richard Simon for his exceptional groove, Gordon Peeke for his groovy beats, Grant Geissman for killing it. on the first take, and Nolan Shaheed (Living Jazz Legend) for that iconic soul-stirring trumpet wail that usually comes around midnight on a lonely rainy night.
   Big love to Maria Seager for her photographic eye and willingness to shoot what I see in my mind's eye. To Linda Morgan of the Living Jazz Legend Foundation, thank you for bestowing the Living Jazz Legend title upon me. I strive to live up to great performances by my peers. Last but not least, a look towards the heavens in remembrance of Candice J. Hincks and our trip to NYC with Tom Culver. It was the inspiration for Blue Smoke, and thank you to the fans for keeling jazz alive and well.

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