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Pat Becker - Argenta Jazz

   Pat Becker’s career has spanned many facets as an author of books, singing, movies, television and radio.

   Pat began her singing career at the age of eight years old for the “Free Milk And Ice Fund” in Fort Worth, Texas. At the age of ten her parents moved to Houston, where she began singing at various events from the age of 10 to 13 years old.

   At the age of 15 she sang with the “Buddy Brock Swing Band” in Houston. When she turned sixteen she was booked by the Brock and Martin agency for all Houston venues on their roster. At the age of nineteen she was booked by the “ABC Booking Agency” of Dallas, where she performed at the “The Village Club”, “Executive Inn Club” and many other Dallas venues.

   Pat at the age of twenty was put under contract to “The William Morris Agency”, The agency set up a night club act for her and was booked at major hotels across the U.S.A. She also appeared at the various “Play Boy Clubs”, “The Living Room” New York, “Tidelands” Houston, “Caesars Palace” and “The Desert Inn” in Las Vegas.


   She has performed with “The Guy Lombardo Orchestra”, and was the opening act for comedians Mort Sahl and Godfrey Cambridge, she also appeared on the national television show “Hollywood Talent Scouts”. Pat was sponsored and introduced by actor Glen Ford, which in turn led to appearances at various clubs in England, Jamaica and Aruba.

   She was offered a contract with 20th Century Fox movie studio, which she accepted and put her singing career on hold to pursue acting. As an actress she had roles in “A Guide for the Married Man (1967)”, “In Like Flint (1967)” and “Batman (1966)”. After her contract ended at Fox she started her own band in Oklahoma called “Hart and Soul”, her band has recently retired.

   Pat says she is honored and very excited to be working with Rex Bell who she considers a musical genius. She also states that each song on the “Argenta Jazz” album is a duet and the degree of Rex’s musical sensitivity is

gracious, and she deeply appreciates it.

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