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Marsha Bartenetti - It’s Time

    Marsha’s musical career started in the 60’s where she performed in the San Francisco Bay area. The music scene was alive with incredible talent and opportunities. In the 70’s she performed, recorded, and and collaborated with her then husband and music partner. They opened for such acts at The Youngbloods, and played at venues like the Troubadour in Los Angeles.

   In 1980 Marsha won Best Vocalist in the American Songwriter’s Association’s International contest. The ‘American Idol” of it’s time, it brought access to opportunities that would take Marsha to Motown Records where she recorded with writers Ken Hirsch and Ron Miller who together and on their own…wrote “I’ve Never Been To Me”, “Touch Me In The Morning” for Diana Ross, “For Once In My Life” for Stevie Wonder, “If I Could” for Celine Dion, “No One In The World” for Anita Baker, among other top hits. Musical politics and personal changes left her disheartened by the business and after a divorce, Marsha decided to leave the music business and shift gears to what she thought would be a better career to help with financially supporting her daughter.

   She may have left the stage for a time, but she continued working in the studio recording national jingles for such companies as Bank Of America, Chevron, among others. She is joined SAG/AFTRA, and transitioned into Voice/Overs and On-Cameral acting. Here credits in this area included many national accounts, including being the voice of Safeway, Vons for all of their Television and Radio advertising.

   She was deemed by the press as “The Voice America Loves To Hate” and “The Voice Mail Queen.” Marsha was the American English voice for the largest International voice messaging company, serving the majority of voice mail systems in this country – Including most of the Fortune 500 companies – She is still heard on major voice-mails systems throughout the country – where you may hear her say…”I’m sorry, that’s not a valid password. Please try your call again later.”  She was invited as guest on the Today Show among other national guest spots as the “person behind the telephone voice.” Being a Digital “star” was not what she had envisioned; and although it paid the bills, her heart kept longing to get back out and do what she really loved Sing.

   Fast forward to social media and the wonders of Facebook – where Marsha re-connected with a former band mate Donny Marrow. Last year she recorded her album “It’s Time” in Nashville with Diskeyes Productions; with Donny Marrow producing and his esteemed team of studio musicians from all over the country adding their talents to the project.  Marsha’s songs cross genres; from Billie Holiday to Bonnie Raitt; always with the lyric as her first consideration.  It was time to return to the stage and the studio – And her album ” It’s Time.” marks the beginning of her “next act”.

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