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Valerie Ahneman - Christmas With A French Twist

Hello Everyone / Bonjour les Amis!

   It's been just too long since my last album and I needed to come up with a new project. Christmas songs came to mind last year as I was listening to all the regular Holiday songs out there. I thought t would be nice to come up with some new ideas for the Holiday season, and singing Classics in both English and French sounded like the natural thing for me to do.

   Thanks to my awesome musician friends, Jay Sweeney, Steve Hansen and Joe Meo, I think we came up with an amazing medley of Christmas songs, each with their very own twist, in French or otherwise.

   Jay Sweeney honored me with the singing of his song "I Believe in Christmas Eve", and I hope audiences and fans will find it to be a new classic for Christmas time.  We thank God always for showing us the way.

   Valerie Ahneman was born in Paris, France and came to the United States at the age of 17 to study Business Management. She has always been involved in the financial field since graduating from college, but found herself immersed in a second career over the past 10 years, pursuing a musical ambition she thought she had  left behind in her teens.

   She formed a new and exciting band with a French twist  named “Bon Chic Bon Genre” with a repetiore of French and American Signature Songs from the 20th century which have been recorded on her debut album entitled "A La Mode".

   With unique twists on well-known songs, whimsically mixing a range of musical styles including Latin, Jazz, Funk, Soft Rock and Reggae. Valerie and her band have performed at colleges, outdoor festivals, radio/tv shows and private events.

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